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How keeping fit during pregnancy is powerful for Mama!

I know you might be feeling exhausted and exercise is the last thing you feel like doing. However, exercising during pregnancy will actually give you more energy and that's only the start of the benefits!

  • Combat tiredness - as we mentioned, exercising will give you more energy and will increase the circulation in your body, and also reduces swelling
  • Exercise helps with the dreaded constipation also, by decreasing the time it takes food to move through the large intestine. 
  • By exercising you are strengthening many of the muscles around your back, therefore preventing back pain which is something most pregnant women suffer from.
  • Studies also suggest that exercise helps your sleep patterns by improving the quality of your sleep. 
  • All exercise boosts your mood and allows those lovely endorphins to flow!
  • It will prepare you for childbirth, giving you greater endurance. Some studies show that a fitter mother is more likely to have a shorter labour.
  • If you'd...
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Georgina's inspiring Birth Story

birth stories Jul 02, 2016

Hear from the fabulous Georgina about how she used her Yoga positions to avoid interventions and an induction. It's such a wonderful story! Enjoy...

So I went for my regular check up on Wednesday and they weren't too happy so they sent me into hospital to check the fluid surrounding baby. I went into ER and they kept me overnight. In the morning I had a scan which revealed low amniotic fluid, so they decided to induce me. They broke my waters and contractions ensued. Baby's heartrate kept dropping when I had a contraction so they were continually monitoring baby and I had to stay on my left side glued to my bed...not ideal and most definitely not what I wanted after all my yoga! They took me off to the labour ward after 2 hours but the contractions weren't regular enough to be considered 'proper labour'. So they started talking about the oxytocin drip - oh no!

Armed with my Yoga knowledge, I knew if I could get up and do some of your super yoga moves, I could get my labour...

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How do I ‘trust my gut’ in labour?!

labour May 02, 2016

We were chatting in class the other day and the subject of following your gut instinct came up. The one thing that has served me in life has always been my gut instinct. I always go by it. I try never to make a decision if it just doesn’t feel right…but what do I mean by that? How can you go with your gut instincts when you really aren't sure about what is happening...particularly in labour and birth? How can you really get 'in-tune' with your gut and really, really trust it?

Let me give you a relevant example… I’ll set the scene…I was in labour with my 2nd little boy. It was early morning. My waters had started to break the day before but my contractions weren’t doing the business yet. My husband wasn’t allowed stay with me that night as I wasn’t in established labour…so couldn’t go to the delivery suite. I spent several hours that night walking up and down stairs, combined with a little rest,...

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