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Georgina's inspiring Birth Story

birth stories Jul 02, 2016

Hear from the fabulous Georgina about how she used her Yoga positions to avoid interventions and an induction. It's such a wonderful story! Enjoy...

So I went for my regular check up on Wednesday and they weren't too happy so they sent me into hospital to check the fluid surrounding baby. I went into ER and they kept me overnight. In the morning I had a scan which revealed low amniotic fluid, so they decided to induce me. They broke my waters and contractions ensued. Baby's heartrate kept dropping when I had a contraction so they were continually monitoring baby and I had to stay on my left side glued to my bed...not ideal and most definitely not what I wanted after all my yoga! They took me off to the labour ward after 2 hours but the contractions weren't regular enough to be considered 'proper labour'. So they started talking about the oxytocin drip - oh no!

Armed with my Yoga knowledge, I knew if I could get up and do some of your super yoga moves, I could get my labour going without drugs! So I persuaded them to let me up to move around and I get stuck into some pelvic tilts and hip circles. 

Within half and hour I was in established labour and I had baby Alex 3 hours later - no drugs required!

Without my Yoga knowledge I'm sure my story would have taken a different turn. It was so nice to be in control of proceedings and do it the way I wanted to. I was discharged 16 hours after having him :) I was delighted with myself!

Thank you so much for everything Helen xx

If you would like to empower yourself like Georgina, get to a local Pre-natal Yoga class with a specialised instructor, or even better, hop onto the NurtureMamas Prenatal Program and practice as often as you want to and at a time of day that suits you! Georgina, you ROCK!

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Big, big love

Helen xxxx

Helen Plass works with women and their birthing partners to achieve a comfortable, healthy & happy journey into Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. She has built a successful business in Dublin, Ireland, as a Yoga Instructor, specializing in Pre- & Post-natal health and fitness, Active Birthing workshops, Baby Massage and Mama & Baby Yoga classes. She is known for her very practical & non-judgmental approach to pregnancy and the crazy times of motherhood! Helen has trained in the UK and Ireland, and is mega proud of coming first in her Yoga Teacher Training (she’s a bit of a swot) at the gorgeous Samadhi Studios in Dublin. She’s a proud wife, mama to two energetic little boys, former corporate marketing professional, keen runner and lover of all things related to sport…and is an avid supporter of Irish Rugby.

When she’s not becoming all teary and emotional with messages from her clients about their gorgeous births, you can find her walking along the rocks and beach with her boys, cheering on the sidelines of football and rugby pitches, experimenting with essentail oils, baking and preparing meals for the non-stop-eating men in her life…and in general just trying to keep it all together. Check out all her communication at NurtureMamas.com, and if you are in Ireland, her local business Mumandbaby.ie



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