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7-week Prenatal Yoga & Birth Preparation Program

I'm telling you that you CAN feel strong and wonderful during pregnancy - it's not just for the lucky few. You CAN have a powerful, amazing birth, it IS possible, and I see it with my ladies every day! And I can show you how :) Don't listen to any negative nellies and just believe in yourself, mama!

Join more than a thousand pregnant women who are:

  • sleeping soundly
  • feeling physically energized & niggle-free
  • feeling emotionally supported in their pregnancy
  • are excited and ready to embrace labour and birth! 

Here's how you could be feeling by the end of each week:

  • Week 1 - vastly improved sleep quality, reduction in nausea, feel free from back ache, & experiencing positive birthing feelings
  • Week 2 - learned a suite of breathing exercises & techniques, developed a positive mindset, strong body, core & back
  • Week 3 - awareness of the importance of the Pelvic Floor, and how to exercise the muscles correctly for improved continence, easier delivery & recovery
  • Week 4 - strong understanding of the hormones of labour, how crucial their role is, and exactly what you can do to maximise them in all situations!
  • Week 5 - you'll know how to tell if you're in established labour & how to best position yourself for the 1st stage 
  • Week 6 - be clear on what to do during the 2nd stage of labour; birthing partner will be confident in their role. You'll also be an expert in alternative pain relief options
  • Week 7 - understand how to speed labour up naturally; what to do if faced with an induction; understand the pros & cons of drugs available 

By the end of the course, you could be able to say goodbye to feeling lethargic, achy, anxious, and exhausted. You’ll feel fully prepared for your labour & birth, understanding what the best positions for labour & birth are, breathing techniques, and many other tools that you & your birthing partner can use. 

Hear from some amazing women who have experienced my courses already!

You can join the NurtureMamas course at any time whether you are 8 weeks or 30 weeks pregnant! When you join the course, you will receive a weekly email to remind you that your new content is ready for you! (Please note, after purchase you'll be added to our email list to allow you to receive your weekly content!) And you can retake the course as many times as you wish.

The experience of being pregnant and giving birth is not just a physical one, but it's also most importantly an emotional experience. I want to support you and fill you with positivity and knowledge to ensure your pregnancy and birth are truly awesome. I hope you'll join me in the course :) 

Please get in touch with any questions you have. And don’t forget we will be together in the private members Facebook group supporting each other too. I’m really looking forward to welcoming you to the program :)

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