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I created NurtureMamas to inspire & empower as many women as possible to have a fit & healthy pregnancy, a birth they can actually enjoy, and to feel confident and capable as a new mama. 

Here are a load of goodies for you to explore which I hope will help you feel inspired & empowered!



Guided Relaxation for a Positive Pregnancy

Prepare your mind with this gorgeous Guided Relaxation which is suitable to listen to as often as you can, at any stage of your pregnancy :)

Birthing Preferences Template

Have the birth of your desires! Fail to prepare...prepare to fail! Check out my own preferences here and fill in the template to create your own!

Relaxation for Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy can be a very anxious time. I know from personal experience the worries that women go through. I've created this beautiful relaxation for you to enjoy & feel nourished.

Top 3 Tips for a Positive Birth

Get Helen's simple 3 tips for an Easier, Shorter & more Positive Birth! (This is how she actually did it herself...three times!)

Do I have Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti (D.R.) is a separation of the main abdominal muscles at the front of the abdomen. They become stretched during pregnancy because of the internal pressure of the growing baby. You may be suffering from back or pelvic pain, mild incontinence, or just have a stubborn 'pooch' belly.

Pain Free Pregnancy

Interview with Women's Health Chartered Physiotherapist, Laura Carroll, we talk about all those niggles and issues pregnant women suffer from - Rib Pain - Incontinence - Pelvic Pain and more! Listen to Laura's tips for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

Yoga Positions for Labour

Help yourself experience the best labour you wish for by making every contraction manageable and effective. This will enable you to have an active birth and assist baby in their exit strategy! These few poses will change the course of your labour & birth! 

Quick Exercise to Relieve Anxiety

Take 4 minutes out of your day to calm down. Maybe your day is crazy with stress or with a screaming toddler...stick your headphones on and join me to destress x

Correct Breathing Tutorial

Helen guides you through a relaxing but comprehensive tutorial on the importance of breathing correctly.

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