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Empowering Women Through Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

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Live Online Yoga

Guiding you through Live Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga Flow hour-long classes online, four times per week. €5 per class. Hosted via Zoom.



Empowering Birth Workshop

5 hours of LIVE online learning with Helen, spread over 2 weekend mornings, in a small group of couples preparing for their upcoming Birth. A comprehensive workbook is included which is filled with tools & techniques, tips and exercises to prepare you for your empowering birth.


'The Club' Monthly Membership

Join our Monthly Membership for €19 per month to receive a new Yoga class, Meditation, Birth Prep Tutorials & Education each month. You have access to a huge library of classes and tutorials to explore when you join.


1:1 Remote Pregnancy & Birth Support

Supporting you wherever you are in Ireland or around the globe! Tailored packages available for private, one to one online & phone support, preparing you for your Empowering Birth.


Postnatal Courses

Offering you 3 Postnatal Courses designed to strengthen your body and mind from the inside out. 1) The 5-week New Mama Postnatal Recovery Program. 2) 3 Yoga classes for the early days & weeks. 3) Diastasis Recti Restore Program. All are carefully designed to support your postnatal healing journey. 


Recorded Yoga Classes & Meditations To Practice Anytime

Offering you a series of pre-recorded yoga classes & meditations to purchase and practice any time. Also available as a special prenatal bundle pack of 3 Yoga Classes together with a Guided Deep Relaxation and Meditation. 


Nurturemamas, empowering you through Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood.

"A huge thanks to you for all the yoga classes & workshop. They were so beneficial that I was fully dilated when I went into hospital and delivered baby Lucy an hour later! I'm thrilled with how it all went!"

Anna xx

"Baby was born on her due date at 3:50 am! Labour was fast and surprising and amazing. The golden spool of thread breath was my lifeline to get through the contractions! I walked and did hip circles. I was on all fours in the comfort of my living room. I'm feeling great and recovering well! Thank you so much, Helen for all of your support and wisdom. You instill such confidence in women, in their bodies and their ability to birth. I treasure every moment I spend practising yoga. Thank you for sharing that with us. We are all truly blessed by it. It had a huge impact on my ability to have the birth I wanted with strength and confidence. "

Angela xx

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