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Want to celebrate this Christmas without the alcohol?

recipes Dec 05, 2016

Christmas is synonymous with alcohol and celebrations! So if you are bored of sparkling water and fancy something a little different and don't want to feel like you are missing out, check out these great recipes below:

Virgin Mojito

3 Limes
Soda water
Small bunch of mint leaves
1 tsp sugar
2 glasses

Crush the mint leaves together with the sugar in a separate bowl. Squeeze the limes. Add some ice to each glass and split the lime juice evenly between the two glasses. Add the mint leaves into the glasses and top up with soda water. Stir and enjoy!

If you want to go crazy altogether, some alternatives are to add your favourite puree in like passion fruit or raspberry!

Berry Fizz

100ml of cidona or ginger ale
100ml of cranberry & apple juice (if you can’t find the mix use 50ml of each)
splash of lemon or lime juice
1 tsp of sugar and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon

Rub a lemon or lime around the rim of your champagne glass and then dip into the...

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The fastest, healthiest breakfast for all the family!

recipes Nov 28, 2016

So in my house, we have different tastes...depending on the mood. Son 1 knows what he likes and doesn't often care to veer off the path of normal, and son 2 will throw his chops around most foods thankfully.

Like all houses, school mornings can be rather stressful to say the least...or any morning when you need to get out the door. So this recipe is so fast, delicious, healthy and so easy to make...and for the most part...keeps everyone happy :)

The following recipe makes 5 decent American-style pancakes...and I find is enough for 2 people (1 big, 1 small). 


  • 2 free range/organic eggs
  • 1 banana - I'm always using ones which have come home battered and uneaten in the school bag
  • Roughly 1 cup of organic porridge oats...vary the amount to how runny/thick you want them
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon - if you could be bothered


Pop all into a blender - I use my ever-reliable Nutribullet - for 1 minute. Pop a bit of coconut oil (or whatever oil/fat you wish) into a...

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