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Are you ready to have a beautiful pregnancy, a Kick-A*s Birth & feel confident in motherhood?

* So many of us don't feel like we are glowing during Pregnancy! Many have back pain, hip pain, rib pain or can't sleep well. I know about that!

* I know how easy it is to also feel nervous or even fearful about your birth. 

* And those first few weeks and months of motherhood can seem totally overwhelming at times!!

Do you ever...

* Experience back pain?
* Think about your birth & feel anxious?
* Find it difficult to get asleep?
* Get uncomfortable when you are sitting down for too long?
* Wonder about the Pelvic Floor - what the heck it actually is & if you are doing your exercises right?!
* Want to learn breathing techniques you can use during labour & birth?
* Need some time out just for yourself?
* Feel weak post-baby in your back, tummy muscles or just desperately need a good stretching out?!


Well my lovely, if you've answered yes to any of these (I know exactly how you feel!), then I can help you honey! 


Let me introduce you to The Club @ NurtureMamas

The Club @ NurtureMamas is the fabulous monthly online membership club which will prepare you for an incredible Pregnancy & Birth.

Through Yoga, Meditations, Tutorials, Love, Support & Guidance, Helen will share all her knowledge, tips & tricks to Nurture you through a pain-free Pregnancy, an empowered Birth, & a confident journey into Motherhood. 


"Baby Aideen was born on her due date at 3:50 am! She is 7.5 lbs of lovely and very content. Labour was fast and surprising and amazing. The golden spool of thread breath was my lifeline to get through the contractions! I walked and did hip circles. I was on all fours in the comfort of my living room. I'm feeling great and recovering well! Thank you so much, Helen for all of your support and wisdom. You instil such confidence in women, in their bodies and their ability to birth. I treasure every moment I spend practising yoga. Thank you for sharing that with us. We are all truly blessed by it. It had a huge impact on my ability to have the birth I wanted with strength and confidence xx"

Angela & Baby Aideen

What you'll get each month


Each month you'll get access to a fresh Yoga video, specifically designed for the pregnant & postnatal body. Ease your aches, release tension & prepare the body for a wonderful birth.


Totally relax as you'll receive a beautiful monthly relaxation to help your mind feel blissful, calm,  and confident about your birth, as well as bond beautifully with your baby.


Enjoy our monthly tutorials, bringing you the most up to date information to help you have the best Pregnancy, prepare you for Birth and for those early days of motherhood.

"I started the online prenatal course halfway through my pregnancy and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I wasn’t able to attend the classes due to having another toddler at home. So the online course gave me the flexibility to stay fit and strong during pregnancy and work with my timetable. I found the classes really easy to follow and loved how well Helen explained all the moves and where to feel a stretch. Helen’s online yoga classes quickly became my regular evening activity. And, I’ve already recommended to a friend xx "



Who should join The Club?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never practised Yoga before, if you're an exercise bunny, if you've no other kiddies or if your house is already busy. No matter where you are now, The Club has powerful resources to help shape your journey to becoming a mother.

If you want a convenient, fun, powerful and truly transformative way to not just enjoy, but flourish during this beautiful but sometimes overwhelming time - to feel confident, supported and inspired every day - then The Club is for you. I'd be so honoured to have you join us.


For €25 each month, you'll become a valued member of The Club, and have access to a huge library of content, specifically designed for the Pregnant and new Mama.
Upon joining, you'll get your login details. As soon as you join you can start enjoying the amazing content already in The Club. All your new & existing content in The Club will be located in the "My Library" section.
What's already inside The Club? Well, there is already more than 66 different yoga sequences, tutorials, meditations and each month we add fresh new content for you! 
A selection of  the Yoga:
* Restorative Yoga for both Pre & PostNatal
* Strengthen your back & relieve back pain
* Gentle Yoga with the ball
* Prenatal Core Strengthener
* Energising Yoga Sequence
* Yoga for Sleep
* PostNatal Nurturing Sequence
* Mama & Baby Yoga Class
* Yoga for Happy Hips
Mind - a sample selection:
* Walking Meditation
* Relaxation for Sleep
* Affirmations for a positive Pregnancy
* Relaxation for a calm Pregnancy & Birth
* Affirmations for a positive Labour & Birth
* Positive Mindset Relaxation for Pregnancy
* Relaxation for Early Pregnancy
Tutorials - some of the many waiting for you:
* Exercise in Early Pregnancy
* Prenatal Pelvic Floor Workshop
* Pelvic Floor Restore PostNatal
* The important of Posture & Positioning
* Birthing Preferences doc (Birth Plan)
* The importance of a positive mindset for a Kick-A*s Birth
* Full Active Birthing Workshop covering all areas - hormones & why they are important, stages of labour, positions for stages of labour, how your birthing partner can help, drugs - pros & cons, induction and lots more!
At the start of every month you'll have access to your new content which will help you have a beautiful Pregnancy & Birth Experience, and feel strong and supported during those early weeks and months of motherhood. And don't forget you'll be able to connect directly with Helen & all the other amazing mamas too. Of course, you can cancel at any time (but I know you won't want to :-))


"She’s here, baby Katie Sarah 8’3′ what a little diva, born at 1.46am after a very progressively short labour, didn’t have time to use pool and thankfully any other measures just plain old yoga breathing and movements. Helen once again ur golden spool of thread breath worked and I’m a new mama to a little beauty! Waters broke along with Katie’s head appearing, she’s a drama queen, anyway thank you, thank you for all your kindness and support xxx "


About Helen

Hey, I’m Helen and my passion is to help women feel more comfortable in pregnancy, have easier births (yes - easier and pretty kick as* births!), they can actually enjoy.

Having had three fit, healthy pregnancies and active, natural births myself, I know exactly how it feels to have an awesome pregnancy and enjoyable birth experience, and a quick and strong recovery.

I'm a Pre- & PostNatal Fitness Specialist & Yoga Instructor, specializing in Active Birthing techniques. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to help over a thousand women through my popular yoga classes and birthing workshops.


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