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Optimum ways to relieve pain during Pregnancy, with Women's Health Physiotherapist, Laura

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Laura Carroll, the fabulous women's health Chartered Physiotherapist at Live Well Waterford Clinic. As the body changes dramatically during pregnancy, it can have such an impact on how a lady feels, sleeps and manages a normal daily routine. 

As an anatomy nerd, I was so excited to get this chance to sit down and chat with Laura, to uncover some of the reasons why Pregnant women suffer from so many ailments like rib pain, leaking while sneezing or coughing, and pelvic pain. I found it so incredibly insightful and I know you will too! Even if you aren't suffering from any major ailments, Laura gives advice on how to prevent the onset of physical difficulties during pregnancy.

The main 4 things we should all be doing more of are:

  1. Breathing correctly
  2. Excellent posture
  3. Movement classes suitable for pregnancy
  4. Good bladder and bowel health

We talk about all of them inside the interview!

As I feel so strongly about keeping physically (and mentally) fit during pregnancy, I have recorded a special audio track on correct breathing techniques for you to enjoy, as well as a checklist for keeping your body functioning correctly to relieve or, even better, prevent any pain you may be experiencing. See below to access! 

3 important pieces of information for you:

  1. Full interview with Laura, Physiotherapist: Access the interview here
  2. Audio for correct breathing: Click here to download the breathing audio
  3. Your checklist for optimal physical health in pregnancy: Click here to download

There is so much great (and really useable!) information inside this blog to help keep you pain-free during pregnancy. I really hope you take the time to go through the full interview, listen to the audio track for correct breathing technique, and read through your checklist. If you do, you will be doing your body an incredible service to help you stay pain-free during your pregnancy.

Please comment below and as ever share with your friends using the buttons on the left! Get in touch with any questions you have!

Enjoy x


Helen Plass is a Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and Yoga Instructor, working with women and their birthing partners to achieve a comfortable, healthy & happy journey into Pregnancy, birth and Motherhood. She is known for her very practical & non-judgmental approach to pregnancy and the crazy times of motherhood. Check out all her communication at NurtureMamas.com, and if you are in Ireland, her local business MumandBaby.ie


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