This Digital Product is the perfect route to self-learning. It is video-based-learning and interactive.

Empowering Birth Workshop 

This powerful workshop supports pregnant women and their birth partners to feel fully involved in their labour and birthing process, allowing mama to feel confident and in control. Even if you are currently feeling quite nervous, by the end of the workshop you will feel so empowered and will look forward to your birth with excitement and positivity.

What's included:

  • 4 hours of powerful education broken into 6 manageable lessons. Cost is €120
  • Full workbook with worksheets and the Birthing Preferences Document to fill, and my own personal one I used for my 3 natural, active births
  • Thorough understanding of all stages of labour & how your hormones dictate a huge part of your progression.
  • Positions for each stage of labour; birth partner jobs for each stage; medical interventions & how to avoid the unnecessary ones
  • Pain & Pain-relief options; Top-tips in the final weeks of Pregnancy & a whole lot more!

Workshop Plan:

Lesson 1: Introduction & Hormones

Lesson 2: Labour Stage 1

Lesson 3: Stage 1 Birthing Positions

Lesson 4: Labour Stage 2-4; Birthing Positions Stage 2

Lesson 5: Medical Interventions

Lesson 6: Pain Relief Options & Instrumental Delivery


"Baby Aideen was born on her due date at 3:50 am! She is 7.5 lbs of lovely and very content. Labour was fast and surprising and amazing. The golden spool of thread breath was my lifeline to get through the contractions! I walked and did hip circles. I was on all fours in the comfort of my living room. I'm feeling great and recovering well! Thank you so much, Helen for all of your support and wisdom. You instil such confidence in women, in their bodies and their ability to birth. I treasure every moment I spend practising yoga. Thank you for sharing that with us. We are all truly blessed by it. It had a huge impact on my ability to have the birth I wanted with strength and confidence xx"

Angela & Baby Aideen

I just wanted to let you know that baby Faye arrived safe and sound last Friday! Labour was very powerful & intense but I managed to use lots of the active birth positions and breathing techniques that we practiced in class Helen! I used the new birth pool in Holles St for all of my labour which was so incredible. Then I birthed her on all-fours in 10 mins! I'm so proud that I managed to have the type of birth that I wanted! Faye is doing brilliantly and we are so in love :-) Thanks for everything Helen!

Kate xxx

I found the Empowering Birth Workshop wonderful- it was fab to have the notes to read over afterwards as well - which I did many times! Like many other women, I had hoped for/ visualised an intervention-free and natural short, nothing went to plan!!! BUT with your help, I educated myself about the alternatives/ interventions. My beautiful baby girl was born after a 6-hour labour and super healthy. I’m delighted that I managed the induced labour with just my Tens machine, Gentlebirth labour soundtrack, and some gas&air. It just meant a lot to me personally not to have epidural. I really, really appreciate how much your workshop helped me prepare for the unexpected, and ultimately I had the perfect birth for me! Thanks again for your great classes. You’re so good at what you do!!

Claire xx