This powerful workshop supports women and their birth partners to feel fully involved in their labour and birthing process, allowing mama to feel confident and in control. Even if you are currently feeling quite nervous, by the end of the workshop you will feel so empowered and will look forward to your birth with excitement and positivity! The workshop is currently running online.



Having had 3 natural, active births herself, and having helped more than 1000 women to achieve their Empowered Birth, Helen has created this powerful workshop to build confidence in women's ability to understand what's happening in their own bodies during labour, as well as what to expect from a hospital birth. Helen provides you with all the knowledge of pain relief options, natural methods of pain relief, interventions, birthing positions and lots more!



    5 hours of LIVE online learning over two weekend mornings, with Helen, getting all your questions answered on all aspects of labour and birth!
    Thorough understanding of all stages of labour & how your hormones dictate a huge part of your progression.
    Positions for each stage of labour; birth partner jobs for each stage; medical interventions & how to avoid the unnecessary ones
    Pain & Pain-relief options; Top-tips in the final weeks of Pregnancy & a whole lot more!
    Comprehensive workbook, filled with tools & techniques, tips and exercises to prepare you for your empowering birth.
    Your personal Birthing Preferences Document, completed and ready for use by the end of the workshop.

The next workshop will be on

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October

@ 10am - 12:30pm


The Workshop sessions will last 2.5 hours on each day and will fly by as we'll be filling out worksheets, practice positions with your birth partner and answering all your questions! You are going to feel confident , knowledgeable, ready, fear-free and will look forward to your impending birth!

BONUS: If you sign up before Tuesday 13th October, you'll receive access to the Pregnancy Wellness Online Summit 2020, 10 hours of content from 15 global-leading experts in the birthing world, sharing their incredible knowledge and tips (worth €58)




"Hi Helen, I had a baby girl on Thursday night. All went very well and it was a lovely birth. She was born nice and slowly and very relaxed...delighted I could enjoy it! Thanks a million for everything. Your classes are absolutely amazing and have been such a great part of my last 2 pregnancies... can't thank you enough."

XX Karen

"Helen, we loved the Empowering Birth Workshop! I really appreciated how you emphasized the women’s choice, feeling empowered and having an open mind. I’m very pro having a natural and active birth but I also don’t want to feel any sense of failure if that can’t happen for whatever reason. I loved learning about birth positions because I knew absolutely nothing about this! We loved the practical focus. The workshop worked very well online, and my partner found it really helpful. He said he knew nothing beforehand and he’d taken lots of his own notes about what he can do to support me! Thanks so much!"

Hazel x

"The Empowering Birth Workshop is a fantastic resource that you are providing to pregnant women and their partners. I really enjoyed the workshop and have a much better understanding of what an active birth means. I've been using all your notes to write my birthing preferences too!  My partner also really enjoyed listening to it and was great to have him there to practice the positions for labour. Helen, I'd highly recommend the workshop and your online yoga classes to ALL pregnant mamas! Thanks again,"

Ciara x

"I attended Helen's Pregnancy Yoga Class from my fifth month. I was sceptical of how effective this would be as I have tried yoga and pilates in the past and had decided it wasn't for me. What surprised me was how much the class helped me mentally during the birth. I was calm, confident and in control during the experience. I found the classes very reassuring. Helen is very experienced and has a gift of making you walk out feeling heard. Thank you!"

Katie x

"The course covered all aspects of labour and provides you with really helpful and useful tools that you can use in all stages of labour. It also provided really good detail on birth including interventions and pain medication and provided a good overview of the pros and cons which I haven't received from any doctors or books I've read. I really enjoyed the discussions had with other couples and with Helen, and learning about their own experiences. Helen delivers the course content in a manner that is easily understood. It's clear to see she has huge experience and has done a great deal of research over the years. She manages to get across clearly the important points and gives you a lot of very useful information that you can take away and decide yourself the best options for you. I was very fearful of the labour process beforehand but after the course I feel much more prepared and much more confident about the experience."


"Helen was very friendly, approachable and fun! She was informative and really helpful, putting her students at ease straight away. I would highly recommend the Workshop for both mother and father as there will always be really positive information to take away from this course. Thanks again"

Barry & Michelle