"Regular baby massage soothes the soul of every mother and child, and really forges a powerful empathy and trust between the two"

Dr. Gowri Motha



Baby Massage is a wonderful way of spending quality time with your baby, bringing many immediate and long term benefits for both you and your baby, and is also a great way to meet other parents.



    Relaxes baby, aiding improved sleeping patterns
    Relieves excess wind and colic
    Builds body awareness
    Stimulates the digestive system, improving constipation
    Improves circulation in baby’s body
    Organic vegetable oils used during massage keeps skin moisturised


    Helps you to read your baby’s communication signals and better understand your baby
    Improves bonding with baby
    Improves self-confidence in handling your baby
    Great opportunity to meet other parents
    Relaxes you and can help to reduce post-natal depression

What is colic and how can Baby Massage help?

A colicky baby is so distressing for both baby and parent. Frustratingly for parents, there is no definitive answer as to what colic is. There are thought to be many causes of baby colic, such as a traumatic birth, an immature gut or trapped wind, leading to prolonged crying, unsettled babies, tummy cramps, hands and fists tightly clenched, legs pulled up to the tummy and in general extremely unhappy little babies. But the good news is that there are techniques that can be learned through Baby Massage (and Baby Yoga) which can provide great relief for baby and parent alike!

Who is the class suitable for?

Baby Massage is a relaxing and fun class for babies of all age, from birth to crawling, but you and your baby will get the most out of the course if baby is from 3 or 4 weeks of age upwards, but you'll know your baby best. Moms and dads are welcome to attend each week. Lots of twins have attended Helen's classes and are also most welcome...and no you don't have to pay twice as much!

The Baby Massage course is suitable for all babies, particularly those who suffer from tummy problems; are "fussy" babies; those who have difficulty settling and going to sleep; premature babies; and babies who suffer from colic.

Please bring a mat or blanket to lie baby on.

NOTE COVID 19: All babies MUST stay on their parent's mat at all times, thus ensuring we all stay the 2m safe distance.


The next Baby Massage Course is going to be IN-PERSON! Spaces are limited :-) I'm SO excited to be back after almost 2 years! It will take place on Wednesday 13th October at 10am, in the lovely Applewood Community Centre, Swords (beside Swords Educate Together).

This is a 4-week course and costs €130. Included in the cost are a comprehensive workbook and a bottle of beautiful organic oil for your massage.

You can claim up to €100 back from most private health insurers. I am Baby Massage Ireland registered.