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Diastasis Recti Restore Program

Diastasis Recti (D.R.) is a separation of the main abdominal muscles at the front of the abdomen. They become stretched during pregnancy because of the internal pressure of the growing baby. For many women, they really don't know if they have it but may be suffering postnatally from back or pelvic pain, mild incontinence, or just have a 'pooch' belly that they can't seem to shift potentially for years after having their babies. Watch this video to check if you have a D.R. 

I'm delighted to be releasing a D.R. Restore Program which will focus on 10 specific exercises designed to help close your abdominal gap, which will then make you feel strong again and have your body working correctly and functioning as it should do, to support you.

The 10 exercises are really simple to do and you can easily follow along with the videos. You can progress from exercise 1 to 10 as you feel strong enough, allowing you to go completely at your own pace. 

These exercises are progressive and are designed to do one at a time. Please start from the very beginning and repeat daily. When you feel you are comfortably following my instruction and feel confident in that exercise, try adding one additional exercise. 

The program should take you a number of weeks, or even a couple of months to complete. I can't stress enough, please don't skip forward if you are still feeling a little weak or challenged in any of the poses

Wishing you much love on your postnatal journey,

Helen xx 


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