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Own Your Birth

Prepare your body & mind for a short, active and as natural a birth as possible, and to have a content & comfortable pregnancy.

I'm telling you that you CAN feel strong and wonderful during pregnancy - it's not just for the lucky few. You CAN have a powerful, amazing birth, it IS possible, and I see it with my ladies every day! And I can show you how :) Don't listen to any negative nellies and just believe in yourself, mama!

Join more than a thousand pregnant women who are:

  • sleeping soundly
  • feeling physically energized & pain-free
  • relaxed & confident during their pregnancy
  • feeling excited and ready to embrace labour and birth! 

The program is divided into 4 main areas, and I give you a trimester by trimester suggested guide on how to follow the program:

1) Preparation of the Mind

In this section, you will have access to beautiful relaxations, meditations, breathing techniques and positive birthing affirmations. Your mind will be calm, relaxed and you will be feeling excited about your Kick A*s Birth :) 

2) Preparing the Body

Whether you are looking for a yoga sequence to energize you, relieve your back pain, strengthen your core, prepare your body for labour, help baby descend in those last couple of weeks, or help you get to sleep at night, then it's all contained in the Own Your Birth Program!

3) Active Birthing Workshop

This is such a powerful workshop! There is nothing like this online. If you are nervous about what to expect during childbirth, you want to have the most active and empowering birth, or perhaps a previous birth didn't go according to plan, this workshop is for you. There are more than 80 minutes of video content that we'll be working through together. It is broken down into short manageable videos, with corresponding worksheets. By the end of it, you will have a practical tookit which will allow you to prepare for the best birth possible!

4) Pelvic Floor Bootcamp

So, you've heard so much about 'the pelvic floor' during pregnancy and after you have your baby, and know you should be doing your kegels/pelvic floor exercises....but what the heck are they exactly and how do I really do them?! Well here I am my love to answer your questions and show you how to strengthen and release this awesomely important sling of muscles.

There is a LOT in the Own Your Birth course, but don't worry, I give you a guided journey checklist, so you have a step-by-step suggested process for completing the program. And of course, you can retake the program as many times as you wish, dipping in and out when you feel like it.

There is also a trouble-shooting guide of quick 'what to do' in certain scenarios which is also super useful! 

By the end of the course, you’ll feel physically amazing, and mentally calm & relaxed, as well as being fully prepared for your labour & birth. You can say goodbye to any underlying fear or panic you had about birth as you'll be super confident and will be on your way to Owning Your Birth. Woo Hoo! I'm so excited for you!!!

Don't take my word for it, here is the gorgeous Angela and Anna describing how the course helped them:


I can't wait for you to dive in, and join me for this eye-opening and empowering course.

See you inside the program!

x Helen x


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