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2018 & 2019 Pregnancy Wellness & Empowering Birth Online Summits

The Pregnancy Wellness & Empowering Birth Online Summits from 2018 and 2019 have an incredible amount of extremely helpful & practical information for you to support you in your Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood journey.

That's 18 hours of incredible knowledge, inspiration and tips, as well as 7 yoga sessions and 5 stunning relaxations & meditations, to help transform your Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood Journey.

For all the topics covered across both years Summits, see below! 

It is an incredible amount of knowledge just waiting for you to curl up with your phone or laptop and work through it all at a time and pace that suits you!

2018 Content:

You will be able to keep and enjoy the 20 different speakers videos, their incredible knowledge and tips, and watch them at a time that suits you.

Topics covered include:

* Breathing Techniques & Positions for Labour & Birth

* Hormones & Natural Birth

* How to have a Pleasurable Birth

* Hypnobirthing 

* Positive Mindset during Pregnancy & PostNatal Period

* Breastfeeding Preparation & Solutions to common problems

* Understanding Exercise in Pregnancy & PostNatal period

 * Sleep Consultant & Newborn expectations

* Techniques learned from a journey through Peruvian Amazonia

* Nutrition in Pregnancy & PostNatal Period

* Pelvic health during Pregnancy & PostPartum...what is common but not normal!

* How we can reduce toxic load with our beauty products

* How Acupuncture can heal the body during pregnancy, labour & motherhood

* Making the PostPartum period an easy transition for the family unit

* 5 Yoga sessions

* 3 Blissful Relaxations


In 2019, we had 12 different incredible experts share their knowledge to help you feel comfortable, strong and relaxed during your Pregnancy; to prepare you for a kick a*s Birth so you can feel empowered & ready; and to ease you into Motherhood with confidence :-)

Our guests spoke across the following topics:

* Breastfeeding Preparation

* Stunning Meditations

* Active Birthing Rationale & techniques

* What is a Pleasurable Birth

* Prenatal Yoga

* True Self-Care

* Fertility & Wellness

* Exercise during Pregnancy

* Infant Mental Health

* Nutrition in Pregnancy 

* Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

* The importance of the Fourth Trimester & bonding

* How to help baby get into a good Birthing Position, making your birth easier

It was amazing!

x Helen x


Here is some feedback from the attendees:

"Thank you for all these amazing and insightful videos." Leona

"Loving this summit Helen. First timer here 31 weeks pregnant and lapping up all the wonderful information! Thank you 😍" Grace

"Hi Helen, I HAVE to email you- day 1 was excellent! I'm just starting Day 2 -the agenda looks fantastic. Well done on such an excellent initiative!" Emer

"What a wonderful summit! I found you to be one of the most natural and authentic people I've ever listened to over the past 20 plus years. For certain, your summit has informed and inspired many women. Its rich content was very informative and truly inspirational." Louise Hagan

"I really enjoyed the whole summit, well done on it being such a resounding success, all the hard work paid off!! Some of my favourite sessions included Deborah Pascali Bonaro, Katharine Graves, Francoise Freedman & all the meditation & yoga sessions. However the highlight for me was Clare Boyle, she was so clear & concise & I felt like I really garnered some great tips & advice, it was such a well-structured interview. My pen was flying the whole time & I have plenty of notes to look back on 😂". Lisa M


As you can see, there is pretty much everything you need covered to help you have an empowering & healthy Pregnancy, Birth and smooth journey into motherhood.

I'll see you inside the programs!

x Helen


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