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2020 Pregnancy Wellness & Empowering Birth Online Summit

You will be able to keep and enjoy the 10 hours of content from the 15 different speakers videos, their incredible knowledge and tips, and watch them at a time that suits you.

Topics covered include:

* Preparing for an Active Birth

* Baby's Sleep in the first weeks and months

* Self-care in parenthood

* How to be a good birthing partner

* Your Breastfeeding Journey

* Realities of birthing in Ireland (and in most Westernized hospital situations)

* Pre & Post-Natal Mental Health

* Post-Natal Pelvic health problems

* Modern-day motherhood - how to positively navigate the everyday pulls and strains

* How Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy can help during Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

* Create your Birthing Preferences Document (Birth Plan)

* Pre & Post-Natal Fitness classes

* Sexuality, Childbirth and its impact on the PostNatal period

* Realities v Expectations of parenting from a mama of twins

* Pre & PostNatal Yoga sessions

* Blissful Relaxations



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