Soothe Your Baby & Relax Together


Monday 31st August, 10 - 11:15am, €15

This gentle workshop is for you if you feel your new baby is a little unsettled, visibly uncomfortable at times, perhaps holding tension, wind or cramps in their little belly and needs a little extra help soothing their needs.

We'll be combining gentle moves to calm baby, ease their tummy, and also calm Mama so you can both relax together.


About Helen, your instructor...


Helen is a mother of 3 little boys, all birthed naturally, and supports women during their pregnancy, birth and on their journey to motherhood.

Her passion is to support women to achieve their empowering birth experience, and believes each woman should have the right to birth their child in the way that they desire.

She is a trained Yoga Instructor, Fitness specialist, and specializes in Pre- & Postnatal Yoga. Helen is also an Active Birthing Advocate, as well as a Baby Yoga & Baby Massage Instructor for more than 10 years.