€85.00 The Empowered Birth 5 Month Plan

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The Empowered Birth - Monthly Payment

Are you ready to flourish in your Pregnancy & prepare for a confident, beautiful Birth? 

I'll steer you through these worrying Covid times with our weekly check-ins, LIVE Yoga & Fitness classes, and Pre-Recorded education bundles. You can join me online from the comfort of your own home! 

All you need is a very small space and your yoga mat.

What's included?

  • 2 X Live Weekly Yoga Classes
  • 1 X Live Weekly Fitness Session
  • Weekly Q&A session with Helen
  • 5 X Monthly Learning Bundles
  • All live classes are saved
  • Access support from our gorgeous Community Online

Each month you'll get access to these incredible learning bundles of beautiful education, enabling you to feel confident and empowered in your Pregnancy & Birthing Experience: 


We start with the mind to build a strong foundation for your positive Pregnancy & Birth Journey. Together we will build this foundation upon which you can flourish in your Pregnancy. Just some of the tools we will explore are: Positive Affirmations, Breathing Techniques for labour; Releasing Fear Meditations, Birth Visualizations, Relaxations


Did you know that you can help get your baby into an 'optimal' birthing position during your pregnancy? This can lead to a much shorter birth! In this bundle of love, you'll learn how to manage your day-to-day posture and everyday tasks in order to optimize baby's position. I'm obsessive about this as most of my clients are totally unaware of this - it's powerful!


Next in your journey to empowerment is getting a solid foundation of what your Pelvic Floor is and how to do your Pelvic Floor Exercises. We'll also learn how to manage Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Girdle Pain, including the most up-to-date physio-led research, which is a gamechanger at minimizing pain in your body.


This is a biggie! During this month, you will receive the FULL 4-hour workshop, which is broken down into 6 manageable video lessons.  It is designed to build confidence in women's ability to understand what's happening in their own bodies during labour, as well as what to expect from a hospital birth. Understand why you might feel pain - what medical pain relief options are available; natural methods of pain relief; interventions & how to reduce your chances; birthing positions and lots more!


Life after Pregnancy: Helen shares all her tips with you to help support you in the 4th Trimester. We will focus on strengthening and healing your Pelvic Floor muscles. We will explore what is Diastasis Recti, and you will also enjoy a pre-recorded Mama & Baby Yoga class:-)

Previous Client's Words:

I just wanted to let you know that baby Faye arrived safe and sound last Friday! Labour was very powerful & intense but I managed to use lots of the active birth positions and breathing techniques that we practiced in class Helen! I used the new birth poll in Holles St for all of my labour which was so incredible. Then I birthed her on all-fours in 10 mins! I'm so proud that I managed to have the type of birth I wanted! Faye is doing brilliantly and we are so in love :-) Thanks for everything Helen! xxx


She’s here, baby Katie Sarah 8’3’ what a little diva, born at 1.46am after a very progressively short labour, didn’t have time to use pool and thankfully any other measures just plain old yoga breathing and movements. Helen once again ur golden spool of thread breath worked and I’m a new mama to a little beauty! Waters broke along with Katie’s head appearing, she’s a drama queen, anyway thank you, thank you for all your kindness and support


I really cant express how much the yoga and the breathing techiques helped me. Just want to say a huge thank you..without the yoga I wouldnt have survived. It was a tough couple of days of labour - It took me ages to get to 4cm - but it was so worth it. Thanks for all the support you gave me throughout this experience, i will never forget it. Thanks again for all your help and tips ;) Rachel x


I just wanted to say thanks a million for all your guidance through all of the Pregnancy Yoga classes and the Empowering Birth Workshop, as well as the SUPER helpful advice on your Instagram videos and one-to-one chats at the start of each yoga class! I felt super ready for the birth of our first baby, and all the breathing techniques and active birthing positions you taught me really helped me during labour. I managed with just the gas and air thanks to your help and guidance. I'm SO happy I stumbled across your Instagram page early in my pregnancy as the classes really helped me prepare for birth as well as de-stress during the Pregnancy! It was so great they were online too as I live in Mayo and great to virtually meet other pregnant Mamas and follow their journeys too. Thanks so much, Helen for being an amazing teacher, always doing whatever you can to help and ensure anyone working with you is as prepared as they can be. Baby Caoimhe and I look forward to doing the baby massage with you shortly!


Helen, my baby was born tonight during a natural, active birth. I did a lot of yoga lunges and went into natural labour. The registrar came around and said that although I had surges, he wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t dilated but I was fully dilated! Had my yoga mat in with me. I swear the lunges started the labour. Labour was perfect. No epidural, didn’t cross my mind. The pushing stage slowed down and again they wanted to do instrumental. I was like no way! If baby and I fine, we change positions. Great birth. Your classes were amazing and we will be back with you! You really helped me in achieving the natural birth I wanted xxx Niamh