Learn how to have an Empowering Birth Experience, in an online workshop, even if you are feeling fearful and nervous



The Details...

  • I'm so excited to work online with you awesome ladies to help you achieve your Empowering Birth Experience!
  • When: we are dividing the Workshop over two weekend mornings...Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October @ 10am - 12:30pm
  • The Workshop sessions will last about 2.5 hours on each day and will fly by as we'll be filling out worksheets, practice positions and answering all your questions!
  • You are going to feel confident , knowledgeable, ready, fear-free and will look forward to your impending birth!
  • Hear from my Mamas that I've already helped:

"Hi Helen, I had a baby girl on Thursday night. All went very well and it was a lovely birth. She was born nice and slowly and very relaxed...delighted I could enjoy it! Thanks a million for everything. Your classes are absolutely amazing and have been such a great part of my last 2 pregnancies...can't thank you enough." XX Karen

"Helen, we loved the Empowering Birth Workshop! I really appreciated how you emphasized the women’s choice, feeling empowered and having an open mind. I’m very pro having a natural and active birth but I also don’t want to feel any sense of failure if that can’t happen for whatever reason. I loved learning about birth positions because I knew absolutely nothing about this! We loved the practical focus. The workshop worked very well online, and my partner found it really helpful. He said he knew nothing beforehand and he’d taken lots of his own notes about what he can do to support me! Thanks so much!" Hazel x

"The Empowering Birth Workshop is a fantastic resource that you are providing to pregnant women and their partners. I really enjoyed the workshop and have a much better understanding of what an active birth means. I've been using all your notes to write my birthing preferences too! 

My partner also really enjoyed listening to it and was great to have him there to practice the positions for labour. Helen, I'd highly recommend the workshop and your online yoga classes to ALL pregnant mamas! Thanks again, Ciara x"

"I attended Helen's Pregnancy Yoga Class from my fifth month. I was sceptical of how effective this would be as I have tried yoga and pilates in the past and had decided it wasn't for me. What surprised me was how much the class helped me mentally during the birth. I was calm, confident and in control during the experience. I found the classes very reassuring. Helen is very experienced and has a gift of making you walk out feeling heard. Thank you!" Katie x

"Our beautiful little girl Ríona arrived in time for Christmas. It all happened a bit quick as I had done lots of walking, and climbing stairs. Used my ball and of course the amazing breathing techniques you taught me. I’ll never forget the amazing work you did for me in helping me prepare for the birth. Love and hugs, Niamh"

"Baby Aideen was born on her due date at 3:50 am! She is 7.5 lbs of lovely and very content.
Labour was fast and surprising and amazing. The golden spool of thread breath was my lifeline to get through the contractions! I walked and did hip circles. I was on all fours in the comfort of my living room.
I'm feeling great and recovering well!
Thank you so much, Helen for all of your support and wisdom. You instill such confidence in women, in their bodies and their ability to birth. I treasure every moment I spend practising yoga. Thank you for sharing that with us. We are all truly blessed by it. It had a huge impact on my ability to have the birth I wanted with strength and confidence. Angela xx"

Hi Helen, baby Erin Grace was born at 1.27am this morning weighing in at 8lbs 6 😍 Birth was great & all the breathing techniques & exercises really paid off & just came to me naturally! I managed to have my drug free birth so was delighted & a huge part of that was due to your advice from yoga classes & the workshop so thank you!

"So Helen, I really hoped to make to yoga tonight but little Luke arrived less than 30 mins after reaching the Rotunda hospital! Had the Hollywood gush of waters in reception during admissions and straight up to delivery. Ready to go. Hands and knees on the bed and out he popped. Did some yoga last night as I felt a sensation in my pelvis! I fully credit your classes to the success of both my births from all perspectives, breathing, energy, movement. And I have the tightest hips in the world! Ha! Will defo be seeing you soon for classes with baby xx Thanks so much for everything!! Niamh xxx

"I really cant express how much the yoga and the breathing techiques helped me. Just want to say a huge thank you..without the yoga I wouldnt have survived. It was a tough couple of days of labour - It took me ages to get to 4cm - but it was so worth it. Thanks for all the support you gave me throughout this experience, i will never forget it. Thanks again for all your help and tips ;) Rachel x"

"Helen, my baby was born tonight during a natural, active birth. I did a lot of yoga lunges and went into natural labour. The registrar came around and said that although I had surges, he wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t dilated but I was fully dilated! Had my yoga mat in with me. I swear the lunges started the labour. Labour was perfect. No epidural, didn’t cross my mind. The pushing stage slowed down and again they wanted to do instrumental. I was like no way! If baby and I fine, we change positions. Great birth. Your classes were amazing and we will be back with you! You really helped me in achieving the natural birth I wanted xxx Niamh"

"She’s here, baby Katie Sarah 8’3′ what a little diva, born at 1.46am after a very progressively short labour, didn’t have time to use pool and thankfully any other measures just plain old yoga breathing and movements. Helen once again ur golden spool of thread breath worked and I’m a new mama to a little beauty! Waters broke along with Katie’s head appearing, she’s a drama queen, anyway thank you thank you for all your kindness and support xxx Anna"

"Just wanted to let you know that baby Hannah was born on Sunday. She was 7 lbs 8oz. All very quick again!! All the Lunges and hip circles moved baby down quickly and I dilated very quickly. I just want to say thanks for your brilliant yoga and all your advice. You're great at what you do! I really do appreciate the service you provide - the yoga was invaluable for both my pregnancies. xx"

"Just wanted to put in writing to you that I really did use what I learnt on the Empowering birth workshop during my labour. It helped so much that I actually fell into a very peaceful sleep for 2 hours at 3cm dilated, woke up rested and relaxed at 8cm and was at 10cm within 30 minutes after that. My beautiful baby girl arrived swiftly thereafter to a very calm mummy ready to give her all the hugs and love in the world. I really can't thank you enough for a great workshop that informed and empowered me to relax into, enjoy (yes enjoy!!) yet take control of my labour. Thank you!!!! Bridget"

"A huge thanks to you for all the yoga classes & workshop. They were so beneficial that I was fully dilated when I went into hospital and delivered baby Lucy an hour later! I'm thrilled with how it all went, Anna x"

Ladies, I truly hope you will invest in yourself and in your birth experience. 

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Here's what you'll get...

  • 5 hours of LIVE online learning with Helen, getting all your questions answered on all aspects of labour and birth!
  • Thorough understanding of all stages of labour & how your hormones dictate a huge part of your progression; positions for each stage of labour; birth partner jobs for each stage; medical interventions & how to avoid the unnecessary ones; Pain & Pain-relief options; Top-tips in the final weeks of Pregnancy & a whole lot more!
  • Comprehensive workbook, filled with tools & techniques, tips and exercises to prepare you for your empowering birth.
  • Your personal Birthing Preferences Document, completed and ready for use by the end of the workshop.
  • BONUS: If you sign up before Tuesday 8th October, you'll receive access to the Pregnancy Wellness Online Summit 2020, 10 hours of content from 15 global-leading experts in the birthing world, sharing their incredible knowledge and tips (worth €58)

Who is this workshop for?

  • Ladies who are ready to believe in themselves, who truly believe that giving birth in an empowering way is achievable!

Who this workshop is not for!

  • Those who think birth can never be anything but painful and only means lying down on your back, roaring screaming at everyone around you, screaming for the drugs!
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