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This is the start of your Kick-Ass Birth! In this free 5-Day challenge, you will prepare your body & mind for an empowering birth...and you might even win a prize! Join me for 5 days LIVE in our Private FB Group. Check out the schedule below!

I'm Helen Plass, Yoga & Active Birthing Instructor, fitness specialist, and creator of the Pregnancy Wellness & Empowering Birth online summit. I'm a mama to 3 little boys, all birthed naturally & actively. Welcome to NurtureMamas!



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Prepare Your Body

By improving your posture you can get baby into a better birthing position. By staying upright you will shorten your labour. There is SO much you can take control of during pregnancy to have a Kicka*s Birth...sound good?! 

Focus Your Mind

Use the power of visualization, positive mindset, controlled breathing and relaxation to prepare yourself for an empowering birth. This 5-day challenge will give you the tools you need.

Get Support

Join a beautiful, private Facebook group to become part of a supportive, like-minded positive community of amazing women!

We'll have some spot PRIZES on offer during the week! Here's How You Can Win:

  • You must opt-in to the challenge by registering your email address
  • Join the Private Facebook Group
  • You gotta join daily, enjoy and engage to be in with a chance to win!

The Schedule

  • Day 1: Welcome & Prenatal Yoga Sequence, focusing on easing tension & pain, & opening up the body
  • Day 2: The importance of Posture & Positioning - how this affects your baby's position inside you, and also reducing pain in your body
  • Day 3: Mindset, Meditation, Breath - learning the importance of, & tools to master the power of the mindset during labour & birth. Learn breathing techniques to help you feel calm & in control in your labour
  • Day 4: Active Birthing Positions for labour - getting comfortable, speed up your birth!
  • Day 5: Bringing it together - creating your Birthing Preferences Document

What our lovely ladies say about Helen & NurtureMamas

  • Thank you so much Helen for all of your support and wisdom. You instill such confidence in women, in their bodies and their ability to birth. I treasure every moment I spend practising yoga. Thank you for sharing that with us. We are all truly blessed by it. It had a huge impact on my ability to have the birth I wanted with strength and confidence. Angela xx
  • Helen, I would like to say a huge thank you for everything you did for me through out my pregnancy. I attended yoga from 16 weeks online with you right up to the end every Thursday evening. I  looked forward to your classes every week. You are an amazing person, who is so passionate about your teachings of yoga /positive empowering birth experience and you can see this in your teachings. Thank you for always been so helpful/approachable to answer any questions I had over online throughout my pregnancy. 
    My beautiful little girl "Robyn" arrived on a sunny Sunday the 6th Sept. It all happened, as my husband would say 'like the movies'. She arrived 8 days early with my waters breaking on the way to Holles street. It was a quick labour. The breathing techniques you taught me in class came into gear and I used these till the end along with the blowing out a candle technique. I only had air and gas to deliver our beautiful little girl and the breathing enabled me to cope and have a natural birth. Thank you! I would highly recommend Helen to my family/ friends.
    Louise xxx 
  • I really cant express how much the yoga and the breathing techiques helped me. Just want to say a huge thank you..without the yoga I wouldnt have survived. It was a tough couple of days of labour - It took me ages to get to 4cm - but it was so worth it. Thanks for all the support you gave me throughout this experience, i will never forget it. Thanks again for all your help and tips ;) Rachel x
  • She’s here, baby Katie Sarah 8’3′ what a little diva, born at 1.46am after a very progressively short labour, didn’t have time to use pool and thankfully any other measures just plain old yoga breathing and movements. Helen once again your golden spool of thread breath worked and I’m a new mama to a little beauty! Waters broke along with Katie’s head appearing, she’s a drama queen, anyway thank you thank you for all your kindness and support xxx Anna
  • All very quick again!! All the Lunges and hip circles moved baby down quickly and I dilated very quickly. I just want to say thanks for your brilliant yoga and all your advice. You're great at what you do! I really do appreciate the service you provide - the yoga was invaluable for both my pregnancies. xx

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